What MSPs Need to Know About Compliance

The IT Support/MSP game has changed.  Clients are no longer satisfied with just getting their desktops managed and servers supported. Almost every industry has customer privacy and security compliance regulations – and clients are looking at us, their IT providers and business confidantes, to help them become and remain compliant. So what do you need […]

MSPDOJO – Using SOPs for Consistency and Quality

Right now the IT industry is what the shoe industry was in the 1500’s. Back then, if you went from village to village, each cobbler made a different sized shoe. You could not buy a shoe in a different town without getting a different shoe. This bespoke process can be a painful one, and there’s […]

MSPDOJO – How SOPs can Increase Profitability

To someone unfamiliar with Standard Operating Procedures, having SOPs may not seem necessary or applicable. Increased profitability, on the other hand, is something sought by all business owners. Have you considered that SOPs offer you just that? Before we used SOPs regularly at Brainlink, I had a tech employee that had a recurring problem with […]

MSPDOJO – Your Business CAN Run without You: SOPs are the Answer

As a small business owner, I’ve learned that running a business comes with three main struggles: not having enough clients, not having enough revenue, and being “held hostage” by my employees. For many years, I was unable to take a vacation, or even travel for business, without a constant worry that something would go wrong […]

Magazine article says parents destroying infant privacy at birth

Raj Goel
Security & Compliance Consulting Practice 917-685-7731       Magazine article says parents destroying infant privacy at birth   Noted Internet security expert Raj Goel said well-meaning parents are ruining any privacy their children may have, starting at birth. He reports on this in the August-September edition of InfoSecurity Magazine in the […]

Stop Blaming The Victims

As I read about the HOME DEPOT breach, follow the commentaries on the TARGET breach and other breaches, it’s clear to me that we need to have a more mature conversation about breaches. We don’t blame the home owner when a burglary occurs. We don’t blame patients for getting infected with AIDS, Ebola or becoming […]

Schneier on Security: Info on Russian Bulk Surveillance

Seems like the NSA has competition (or is that a friendly rivalry)?   Russian law gives Russia’s security service, the FSB, the authority to use SORM “System for Operative Investigative Activities” to collect, analyze and store all data that transmitted or received on Russian networks, including calls, email, website visits and credit card transactions. SORM […]

How to protect yourself against high-tech passport thieves

NEW YORK (PIX11) – But revelation that two Iranian passengers on the flight were able to board using stolen passports – has not eased concerns about what appear to be gaping holes in the international security net that we all rely on once we leave America’s sphere of influence. As more information pours in regarding […]

The Age Of Personal Surveillance Is Here

NEW YORK (PIX11) – JAY DOW INTERVIEWS RAJ GOEL Once upon a time, when it came to hi-tech phone surveillance, the NSA used to be the only game in town. And while some of the capabilities exposed by former contractor Edward Snowden are indeed mind-blowing, these days anyone – from your best friend, to your […]

10 Years A (Digital) Slave

Article by Raj Goel I read a moving article on about modern day slavery in Mauritania (see ). Yes, slavery still exists and 10-20% of the Mauritanian population is currently enslaved. What really hit me hard is that unlike traditional slavery involving chains and physical restraints, modern slavery is primarily mental. The hereditary […]

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Ms. Jackie Renton

"Everyone here is very productive because issues are resolved quickly and painlessly"

We recently started working with Raj and Brainlink International, Inc. for all of our technology needs. For many years, we had been using a different outside consultant but their hourly billing system was not transparent and we didn't feel like we were getting the service that we needed. We switched to Brainlink's fixed monthly fee system and I couldn't be happier with the result!

First, Raj and his team spent a lot of time analyzing our network before making recommendations. The thing that impressed me the most was that he brought in three different technicians "all with different specializations" to get our network updated and secured. I know that they put in a lot of time and effort to get everything up and running, but from our standpoint, it was seamless. They never got in our way and it didn't interrupt us here in the office.

We have the peace of mind that our network is being watched and properly maintained. Everyone here is very productive because issues are resolved quickly and painlessly "the flat monthly rate that we pay gives them an incentive to be very efficient and it really shows! I like the personal service Brainlink International, Inc. provides and the fact that I can pick up the phone or email them anytime with a question and get an answer right away. I genuinely get the feeling that Raj and the team at Brainlink International, Inc. want to help me, and that is, I think, the thing that I appreciate most."

Ms. Jackie Renton
AION Partners

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