If You Want Trouble Free IT, Then Contact Us Right Now!

With Brainlink’s ProActive IT Service, you get:

PhotobucketFaster performance, fewer “glitches”, and practically zero downtime
PhotobucketYou’ll eliminate expensive repairs and recovery costs.
PhotobucketYou’ll avoid expensive travel/trip fees while receiving faster support.
PhotobucketYou will have ALL of the benefits of an in-house IT department WITHOUT all of the costs.
PhotobucketYou’ll sleep easier knowing the “gremlins at the gate” are being watched and kept out of your network.
PhotobucketYou’ll gain incredible peace of mind.

We Promise the following:

PhotobucketOur Guarantee – 100% Unconditional Satisfaction.
PhotobucketAll Projects Will Be Completed On Time and within Budget.
PhotobucketWe’ll safeguard your data.
PhotobucketWe’ll finally put a stop to annoying spam, pop-ups, and spyware
PhotobucketWe Talk Like You Do – Plain English, not geek-speak.
PhotobucketWe Understand Information Security.
PhotobucketWe carry Professional Liability AND Errors & Omissions Insurance.
PhotobucketQuarterly IT reviews (we help you grow YOUR business effectively)

We Know That The Most Important Thing To You Is YOUR Business.

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"Brainlink allows us to concentrate on our clients, not our computers"

"At OfficeLinks, we provide clients with a workplace environment where their business will thrive. Delivering next-generation, on-demand office space, video conference studios and meeting rooms requires enterprise-grade technology, seamless IT support and innovative tools. Brainlink allows us to concentrate on enabling our clients to open offices in premier locations including the Trump Tower (40 Wall Street, NY), 1440 Broadway (NY) and the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago. Their Fixed-Fee IT Support is an exceptional product and provides significant value to our clients.

To me, it makes a lot of financial sense to pay a monthly fee to make sure our computer network is up and running than to have to pay thousands of dollars to fix a problem that could have been prevented in the first place. Knowing that the Brainlink team is watching over our data and the network gives me peace of mind that's priceless. It's almost like having your own personal IT team on staff "but without the overhead and costs." Brainlink is a valued partner and we recommend them to our clients.

If you want the best in serviced office space, get it at The OfficeLinks. If you want the best in fixed-fee IT, with great support, hire Brainlink."


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